Monday, April 14, 2014

Solving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome via Armonk, NY Chiropractic Specialists

Securing an appointment with your preferred chiropractor in Armonk, NY is paramount to finding all available treatment options. A battery of tests will await you to determine the overall degree of the injury, including MRIs, X-ray, and EMG scans. Strength testing will be possible if you experience considerable pain from trying to pick up or lift an object.

Professionals like Dr. Alan Siegel, DC from ProClinix will recommend locking the arm at the proper angle via wrist splint to temporarily arrest the pressure on the hand; you may have to practice using the free hand for your regular functions. The treatment can go into further solutions such as deep manipulation of the affected wrist, elbow, and spinal links. Your practitioner may use acupuncture to clear pressure in the nerves.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Recover from Bad Injuries with Quality Physical Therapy in Armonk, NY

A further breakdown of the numbers showed skateboarding topping the list at 129,000 accidents. The number may be justifiable considering that there have been over 50 million American skateboarders in the past 15 years. The potential for head and neck injuries shows itself when the boarder, say, misjudges a half-pipe on the landing or slips while grinding a hand rail.

A physical therapist from Pleasantville, NY, like ProClinix’s Dr. Brian Dombal, DPT, is capable of checking the scope of the injuries and planning a recovery program for you. Head injuries already carry a danger of severe concussions especially in the case of a hard impact.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Effective Pleasantville Physical Therapy Helps Injured People Recover

Basketball players- and other athletes who have a constant need to jump─ will more or less put their legs to constant work and pressure. Aside from a torn meniscus, an athlete who constantly uses his or her legs is exposed to the possibility of ankle sprains and overuse injuries.

Of course, athletes aren’t the only ones exposed to injuries. 1/3 of all doctor’s visits for muscle and bone pain involve the knee, with conditions varying from bone chips to osteoarthritis. Anyone can become a victim of knee injury.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trusted Pleasantville, NY Chiropractic Clinic Helps Patients Heal

Patients are now looking for alternatives to help alleviate any problems that they have with their health due to the fact that the American healthcare system is currently quite rocky. Americans spend more on healthcare compared to other countries, but factors like malpractice insurance drive prices through the roof.

This fact makes traditional treatments for problems like arthritis, shoulder pain, and pregnancy-related issues, among others, some rather expensive options. This has made Pleasantville, NY chiropractic procedures a viable alternative to cater to the different conditions that come with bodily aches.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Halting Pleasantville, NY Sports Injuries Possible with Strengthening?

auersen, together with other researchers from the Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen, analyzed the results of previous studies wherein participants were grouped according to those who performed particular exercises and those who did not. While stretching exercises didn’t result in any significant prevention of injuries, Lauersen eventually discovered that injury rates were 45% lower in those who performed balancing exercises for improved joint stability.

These findings- let alone the ideal strengthening and balancing programs to pursue- have yet to receive any real verification. Until then, athletes like you can rest easy knowing clinics that treat sports injuries in Pleasantville, NY like ProClinix can help you get back on your feet should the worst happen. Exercise caution before, during, and after play and your body will thank you for it.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Look at Typical Sports Injuries That Armonk, NY Athletes Can Suffer

At Number 6 on the list is lower back pain, which can still happen to athletes despite being more prevalent in sedentary and overweight people. You can prevent this by making sure you stretch properly when doing warm-up exercises. In the event that it happens to you, go for the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) treatment as a form of first aid before visiting an Armonk, NY sports injuries center like Pro Clinix.

The Number One injury on Rogers’ list is runner’s knee, which is said to take up over 50% of all sports injuries sustained. It typically occurs due to overexertion, and can be prevented by periodically replacing your shoes as well as strengthening your quadriceps through weight training. Be mindful of these sports injuries that Armonk, NY athletes can suffer, and you will be able to play any game to the best of your ability.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Manage Your Chronic Pain with Pleasantville Physical Therapy Sessions

The most common sources of pain for sufferers are headaches, joint pain, pain from injuries, and backaches. Other forms of chronic pain include tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon), sinus pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pain affecting specific parts of the body, such as the shoulders, pelvis, and neck. Fortunately, individuals who suffer from chronic pain can undergo Pleasantville physical therapy sessions to make pain levels more manageable.

Physical therapy is not just concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities, as it also involves the promotion of mobility and functional ability. Aside from reducing chronic pain, a board-certified Pleasantville, NY physical therapist, from clinics like ProClinix in Armonk and Pleasantville, can also help patients manage daily tasks, such as walking, going up and down the stairs, sitting on chairs, or getting in and out of bed.