Monday, April 14, 2014

Solving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome via Armonk, NY Chiropractic Specialists

Securing an appointment with your preferred chiropractor in Armonk, NY is paramount to finding all available treatment options. A battery of tests will await you to determine the overall degree of the injury, including MRIs, X-ray, and EMG scans. Strength testing will be possible if you experience considerable pain from trying to pick up or lift an object.

Professionals like Dr. Alan Siegel, DC from ProClinix will recommend locking the arm at the proper angle via wrist splint to temporarily arrest the pressure on the hand; you may have to practice using the free hand for your regular functions. The treatment can go into further solutions such as deep manipulation of the affected wrist, elbow, and spinal links. Your practitioner may use acupuncture to clear pressure in the nerves.

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